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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country, located in the tropical monsoon climate with a long coastline, the country’s geography created the diversity of ingredients like herbs, fruits, vegetables and flavors. As the result, the Vietnamese cuisine has its own unique features. The main principle of Vietnamese philosophy is the harmony of life, Vietnamese people believe that everything is the combination of yin and yang, heaven and earth and nature and people are created from the five principal elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. According to that philosophy, the ultimate goal of human being is to maintain a balance between yin and yang, between the elements of the five elements together. Vietnamese cuisine also deeply reflects that philosophy of life, the secret of cooking is keeping the balance of ingredients, keeping the harmony between yin and yang. Vietnamese dishes are always the combination of ingredients in order to ensure the yin-yang balance according to the oriental medicine and also very suitable to the scientific view of nutrition and good for health.

With 20 years of culinary experience in Poland, we would like to introduce to our customers the traditional culinary philosophy of Vietnam with authentic, delicious and nutritious Vietnamese dishes.

Hello Vietnam restaurant is located in the new and modern part of Warsaw, designed with the combination of comfort, contemporary and traditional features of Vietnam with a menu of typical dishes prepared with the our unique formulas, spices and aromas to give customers the best experience. The space of the restaurant is designed to make our customers comfortable and cozy, in addition the open kitchen system allows our guests to witness our staff working.

Our chef, with more than 20 years of experience, has been the main chef of Vietnam’s 5-star resorts and hotels in Vietnam such as Vinpearl, Diamond Bay, trained by the famous Accor corporation of France. Creativity, dedication and thoroughness are always reflected in the dishes that he makes.

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